Chief Monitor Arms and Mounts

Whether you need a new monitor arm or are simply in the market for a new mount for your old one, you can find the right one for your needs with the Chief Manufacturing brand. They have dozens of different types of monitor arms and mounts and dozens of different configurations. You’re sure to find something that matches your workspace, whether it’s a desktop or an office. Here’s a quick look at some of the popular products offered by this manufacturer.

Koncis monitor arm

The Chief Monitor Arm Mount is a flexible workspace solution with sleek design and ergonomic benefits. A powerful yet affordable mount from Konc guarantees maximum productivity for any office or workstation. With its flexible configuration, this arm can be adjusted to fit the needs of your workstation or any desk. Here is a look at the most important benefits of the Chief Monitor Arm Mount. We’ll also talk about its features. We’ll start with its ergonomic benefits.

The Chief Koncis monitor arm mount offers easy installation. It ships with a clamp or grommet for mounting and includes internal cable management. The Koncis monitor arm is compatible with most 32-inch monitors. Moreover, it is tested to ensure its durability and safety and meets ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 safety standards. It is also available in black and silver finishes. Premium gas springs and Centris Extreme Tilt technology allow you to adjust the monitor tilt with your fingertip.

Kontour monitor arm

The Chief Kontour K3G320 series features telescoping array arms for up to six 27-inch or four-30-inch monitors. They feature an elegant design that allows for the integration of multiple displays. The K3 Series are static array mounts that accommodate up to six 27-inch and four 30″ monitors. For more information on the K3 Series, visit the Chief Kontour website. Read on to learn more about this product and other options.

The Chief Kontour monitor arm is designed for use with most Dell monitors. The Chief K3G320 is compatible with most Dell monitors that have recessed cutouts on the rear. To install this mount, the monitor must have a 100×100 VESA pattern and a recessed back. The arm is a great choice for healthcare and business environments. Its high recycled content makes it an environmentally friendly product.

Koncis dynamic dual monitor arm

The Chief Koncis monitor arm mount comes in two different styles, both featuring elegant designs and enhanced ergonomics. Efficient mounting solutions ensure maximum productivity. With the quick-release interface, this mount is simple to install. A Certified mounting expert is available to guide you through the process. The mounting system is also easy to install thanks to the preassembled design. For a worry-free installation, the mount is shipped in a pre-assembled state.

Installation is fast and easy, and the Mounting System includes a grommet and clamp system. Its sleek design makes installation simple, and its internal cable management is an additional bonus. Koncis monitor arms are suitable for most monitors up to 32″, and are tested to ensure their safety and durability. They also meet ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 standards. The premium construction of the Koncis Dynamic Monitor Arms ensures a premium viewing experience, and is suitable for both commercial and home use.

Kontour manual height adjustable articulating monitor arm

A new height-adjustable monitor arm by Kontour offers many benefits for your workplace. With its adjustable arm and ergonomic design, you can place your display at an ideal height and angle for optimal viewing. The arm also offers a highly recyclable design that contributes valuable LEED credits. A great option for any workstation, the Kontour manual height-adjustable column mount articulating monitor arm can make your workstation a comfortable place to work.

Kontour dynamic dual monitor arm

The Chief Kontour Dynamic dual monitor arm is a great solution for maximizing productivity and space savings. It does not require heavy-duty arms and supports up to 25 lbs. It makes specification easy with a few simple steps. The mount has a Centris Extreme Tilt that provides optimal viewing while sitting. Moreover, you can adjust the tilt angle to any degree to maximize your viewing angle. The mount is compatible with both monitors, so you will be able to choose the proper angle for optimal viewing.

The Chief Kontour dynamic dual monitor arm clamps to the edge of the desk or is available with a bolt hole if you install it using the included kit. It has enhanced 3-step installation, a quick release monitor interface, and tool-free cable management covers. Compared to traditional arm monitor mounts, the Kontour Dynamic Dual Monitor Arm is also highly recyclable, which means it won’t damage the environment or your office.

Kontour wall mount

Providing an ergonomic workspace, Chief’s Kontour ™ monitor arms are ideal for the office, healthcare facility, or public space. Their unique design features an infinite manual height adjustment and float-the-display technology, enabling optimal viewing positions for any user. With its environmentally friendly design, Kontour monitor mounts may even help you earn valuable LEED credits. Listed below are some of the top reasons to use them.

The Kontour wall mount arm is easy to install and maintain. It features a quick-install wall plate and tool-free cable management for hassle-free installation. This arm fits most monitors between 10 and 30 inches and can support up to 40 lbs. Its design makes it easy to place your monitors on your wall without damaging the surface. It is compatible with all major monitor brands and comes with instructions.