Genelec 8020-320B Monitor Stand Review

If you need a monitor stand that can adjust to the height of your monitor, this Trak Racer 8020-320B is the right choice for you. Unlike traditional stands, this one comes with a T-slot design that makes moving the monitor a breeze. With this design, you can adjust the height, distance, and angle of your monitor to fit your needs. This model is ideal for people who are constantly changing positions.

Trak Racer monitor stands

If you’re looking to add a 4th monitor to your current setup, you can add the Trak Racer TR8020. The TR8020 can attach to the TR160 integrated monitor stand and any other 1 slot aluminium profile stand. The TR8020’s pivot plate can be adjusted to allow for the optimal viewing angle. Made of premium aluminium, the TR8020 monitor stand has everything you need for easy mounting, including a VESA mount.

The Trak Racer is the official simulator supplier to Airbus Aircrafts and the Alpine F1 Team. Their monitor stands are universal and designed to fit most monitors. The company offers a five-year warranty and comes with an optional side arm for three monitors. The Trak Racer Quad Mount is an even bigger model, capable of holding four monitors. You can also install a TV on top of the stand, but if you don’t need a TV on it, the Trak Racer Triple Monitor Stand can hold up to 80″ screens.

Genelec’s 8020-320B

The Genelec 8010-320B L-Shape Table Stand raises the speaker off the table so that there is less reflection from nearby surfaces. Moreover, it prevents comb filtering effect by keeping the speaker cables neatly in place. And with the built-in cable management, the 8010-320B is a perfect choice for people who are constantly rearranging their workspace.

The Genelec 8020-320B monitor stand comes with a tilt-swivel mechanism, which means you can adjust it easily to match your desktop position. This stand is compatible with most Genelec monitors. Its design is suitable for most monitors, including LCD screens. The stand is made of a sturdy aluminum alloy that is both stable and flexible. It can hold up to 30 lbs.

Trak Racer’s Integrated Triple Monitor Stands

Designed to fit most monitors, the TR8020 from Trak Racer includes everything you need to mount a 4th monitor. These stands mount securely to any flat surface and feature an adjustable bracket width. They also feature a back/forward pivot plate and are compatible with up to four monitors. And with a 3-year warranty, these stands are well worth their price. They are made of premium aluminium and can support up to 4 monitors, making them perfect for a gaming setup.

The Trak Racer Integrated Single Monitor Stands hold up to three or four monitors, and are built to Trak Racer’s superior build standards. They can even support three or four displays, allowing you to enjoy multiple displays without sacrificing your desk space. They can accommodate most displays up to 80 inches. The monitors on these stands are adjustable, with multi-adjustable vertical angles and full customisation options for the horizontal slider.

Trak Racer’s T-slot design

The new Trak Racer Monitor Stand boasts a T-slot design that allows for maximum swivel and tilt motion, and is compatible with most monitors. The monitor stand comes with two VESA mounting plates, fixing screws and arms, and is compatible with most displays up to 45 inches. The stand is compatible with a variety of displays, and has a 5-year warranty.

The 8020 T-slot design allows for easy mounting and disassembling. The 8020 p1 x is compatible with most real and simulation racing seats. The 8020 rig is compatible with most monitor brands and allows for 3 x 45-inch displays. The 8020 monitor stand’s profile is removable with a dropsaw, if necessary. The Trak Racer is not responsible for any personal effects or damage to electronic devices caused by using its products.

Trak Racer’s Sim racing monitor stand

If you want a high-quality monitor stand that will accommodate up to three flat screens, the Trak Racer’s Sim racing monitor stands are perfect for you. Designed to mount directly to a sim rig’s vertical supports, these monitor stands allow for more rotation angles and greater field of view. They also feature VESA mounting plates, which means you can install the monitors of any size to the stand.

The stand is a universal, one-size-fits-all design that can support three 32-inch displays. The centre profile of the stand is 800mm / 31.5″ long, making it flexible to fit any size display. The center profile can be trimmed according to the display’s size. The monitor stand is available in a range of colors and designs, making it easy to match your computer monitor to your room’s decor.